Abbey for Esoteric Science studies
& Michaelic Scholarship

We must seek our Courage on the path of World Experience

between the powers of light and darkness for the greater good of Universal Evolution, Now and in Future
Roscroix is a place for those seeking Spiritual Truth & Wisdom through individual tutoring, discourse and study based in Esotericism, Anthroposophy and Spiritual Philosophy. Also offered are practices of meditation~concentration and silent observance which are preparations for further development of Spirit Consciousness. Roscroix at Myrddinwood, is a place for spiritual retreat and fostering Fellowship for those on the path.
    I teach Veil painting: Art bridges the soul~spirit to higher worlds. The paintings reveal spiritual meaning while the act of veil painting frees up the bodies of our Being assisting one's progress on the path of spiritual consciousness and onward toward Spirit Self.                                                  
                                                                              'Questing Knight' by A. Marroquin
  Dr. Alicia Rodriguez Marroquin, MA, RN, PhD & Chaplain
Scholar & Doctor of Philosophy in Esoteric Religious Studies. 

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